Presentations to NAMWUA TAC and Board

October 18, 2019: Flowtography, Brian Welty, SRP

August 16, 2019: Using Geophysics to Find Water, Steve Skotnicki, ATC Group Services

October 19, 2018: Drought Contingency Plan, Jennifer Heim

October 19, 2018: Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage Project Video

September 21, 2018: Big Chino Valley Pumped Storage Project, Brian Studenka

August 17, 2018: The Price of Uncertainty, Sarah Porter

January 19, 2018: Update on NAMWUA Activities, Ron Doba

October 20, 2017: Reclaimed Water History in Flagstaff, AZ, Steve Camp, City of Flagstaff

July 21, 2017: Salt and Verde Rivers Water Fund Presentation, Christian Stumpf, Kim Schonek and Rob Marshall, The Nature Conservancy

April 21, 2017: AMWUA Presentation, Warren Tenney, AMWUA

April 15, 2016: Water Conservation Techniques Being Used By Others, Erin Young, City of Flagstaff

January 16, 2015: Overview of the Forest Service Proposed Groundwater Directive, Kit MacDonald, Kaibab National Forest

November 15, 2013: Steering Committee on Arizona Potable Reuse, Timothy Thomure, President of WateReuse Arizona