Legislative Positions

NAMWUA has served as a strong collective voice in northern Arizona for communicating its position to federal, state, and local policymakers. 

Visit Past Positions on Federal and State Water Issues taken by NAMWUA to learn more.

NAMWUA supported HB2661 that created the State Water Resource Development Commission (WRDC). The Commission was formed in 2010 for the purpose of assessing the current and future water needs of Arizona. While continuing to work with members that represent a regional and geographic cross-section of the state, NAMWUA co-chaired the Water Supply and Demand Committee with the USBOR tasked with projecting the “gap” between water supply and water demand for each basin in 2035, 2060, and 2110. Recommendations were made to the legislature in fall of 2011 where water problems can be anticipated in the state and what can be done to mitigate them. Unfortunately, there have been no actions by the state legislature resulting from the recommendations of the WRDC.

Regional Water Supply

In addition to sharing our knowledge to better manage existing water supplies, NAMWUA members are committed to developing a regional, sustainable supply of municipal and industrial water for our communities' futures. Our recent efforts include initiating investigations with several agencies and key water resource professionals, including the USBR and  ADWR.

NAMWUA seeks to secure water rights and infrastructure funding for importing additional supplies, similar to the Central Arizona Project (CAP).

Issue List

NAMWUA members have crafted an "issue list" that identifies water issues of importance to North Central Arizona and may be common to much of the state. Visit the streamlined Issue List to view.