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Our Bill Positions for 2024

On Arizona State Legislature Policy

Senate and House bills may be accessed at the following link: https://www.azleg.gov/bills/

HB 2006

Real estate; acting in concert

HB 2009

Subdivisions; acting in concert

HB 2010

Cities; towns; water reuse plans

HB 2011

Lottery; water infrastructure finance authority

HB 2020

Long-term storage; stormwater; rainwater; rules

HB 2023

Land divisions; disclosure affidavit; recording

HB 2025

Residential lease community; water; requirements

HB 2055

Underground water storage permitting

HB 2057

Appropriation; long-term water augmentation fund

HB 2214

Water treatment facilities; loan repayment

HB 2216

Teachers; water conservation instruction; appropriation

HB 2355

Subsequent active management area; designation

HB 2356

Subsequent irrigation; non-expansion areas; procedures

HB 2357

Watershed health; use; survey

HB 2399

Reporting; groundwater pumping; measuring

HB 2407

Foreign entities; landownership; prohibition

HB 2439

Property conveyance; foreign entities; prohibition

HB 2572

State land; oversight board

HB 2628

Department of Environmental Quality; omnibus

HB 2708

WIFA; water augmentation fund

HB 2773

Appropriations; DWR; water grant writer

HB 2860

Water conservation infrastructure; reimbursement

HB 2894

Rainwater harvesting; appropriation

HCR 2015

Environment; natural resources; preservation; maintenance

HCR 2051

Rural communities; groundwater; tools

SB 1108

Subsequent active management area; designation

SB 1132

Lead testing; schools; childcare

SB 1229

Horizontal hydraulic fracturing; prohibition

SB 1242

ADWR; application; review times

SB 1246

Reporting; groundwater pumping; measuring

SB 1325

Aquifer management; conservation; priority

SB 1326

Subdivisions; assured water supply; lots

SB 1327

Assured water supply; building permits

SB 1328

Subsequent irrigation; non-expansion areas; procedures

SB 1650

Subdivisions; assured water supply; lots

HB 2008

Commercial; industrial; conservation requirements; rules

HB 2014

Wells; intention to drill; appropriation

HB 2015

Subsequent water management areas; basins

HB 2017

Assured water supply

HB 2018

Subsequent irrigation non-expansion area; removal

HB 2028

Groundwater model; unpledged storage credits

HB 2029

Groundwater model; unpledged effluent

HB 2030

Cities; towns; water service; audit

HB 2061

Subequent active management area; removal

HB 2062

Assured water supply; certificate; model

HB 2063

Exempt wells; certificate; groundwater use

HB 2097

Gray water; definition; residential standards

HB 2099

Active management area; groundwater right

HB 2123

Wells; water measuring devices; prohibition

HB 2127

Assured water supply certificate; effluent

HB 2150

Groundwater sales; online exchange

HB 2182

Augmentation; Phoenix; Pinal; Tucson; AMA

HB 2359

Adequate water supply; statewide requirements

HB 2366

Physical availability; review; designated providers

HB 2589

Assured water supply; analysis; availability

HB 2647

Physical availability credits; water supply 

HCR 2040

Public monies; prohibited expenditures

SB 1107

Long-term storage accounts; credits; percentage

SB 1172

Physical availability credits; water supply

SB 1195

Public monies; prohibited uses

SB 1221

Basin management areas; appropriation

SB 1241

Tax credit; gray water systems

SB 1551

Rural management areas

SCR 1015

Public monies; prohibited expenditures