Where We Stand

Our Bill Positions for 2023

On Arizona State Legislature Policy

Senate and House bills may be accessed at the following link: https://www.azleg.gov/bills/

HB 2048

Assured water; small residential developments

HB 2266

Reporting; groundwater pumping; measuring

HB 2323

Water augmentation fund; brackish groundwater

HB 2413

Teachers; water conservation instruction; appropriation

HB 2438

Board of supervisors; power; water

HB 2520

Home sales; water supply disclosure

HB 2570

General appropriations act; 2023-2024

HB 2765

Appropriation; DEQ; water sources; treatment SUPPORT

HB 2793

Water efficient plumbing fixtures

HCM 2006

Urging eradication; salt cedars; waterways

HCR 2012

Support; water management policies

SB 1149

Land division; acting in concert

SB 1257

Water resources; assistant director

SB 1358

Homeowner’s associations; solar, water devices

SB 1392

Appropriation; Arizona state parks board; state park; Verde River

SB 1432

Assured water; small residential developments

SB 1523

General appropriations act; 2023-2024

SB 1526

Environment; 2023-2024

HB 2278

Well Drilling; Groundwater Basins

HB 2561

City water provider; requirements; service

SB 1093

City water provider; service; requirements

SB 1278

Housing trust fund; rural areas

SB 1447

Well drilling; groundwater basins