NAMWUA Objectives


A venue for collaboration to meet our mutual objectives.

Objective #1

Encourage resource planning that provides a sustainable water supply to meet projected growth.

Strategy #1:  Evaluate and encourage development of regional water supply projects.

Strategy #2:  Encourage and support water conservation.

Strategy #3:  Identify and support members in their pursuit of financial opportunities to assist with local and regional water supply projects.

Strategy #4:  Maintain a strong working relationship with the Arizona Department of Water Resources.

Objective #2

Provide valuable input to regulatory agencies and legislative bodies regarding proposed legislation and rulemaking.

Strategy #1:  Review proposed legislation and rules dealing with water issues.

Strategy #2:  Identify legislative and financial opportunities and obstacles related to obtaining water and infrastructure to member water suppliers.

Objective #3

Maintain our position as a recognized authority and resource for water issues in Northern Arizona.

Strategy #1:  Promote the advantages of NAMWUA membership to non-member municipal and town water suppliers in North Central Arizona.

Strategy #2:  Develop and maintain a strong working relationship with the Arizona Department of Water Resources and other regional water groups.

Strategy #3:  Establish strong contacts at the State legislature through lobbying activities.

  • Goal 1:  Utilize a lobbyist as needed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Goal 2:  Identify at least two water issues the organization will comment on.

Objective #4

Encourage and support communication and information sharing regarding water augmentation and management.

Strategy #1: Encourage member participation.

Strategy #2:  Support and encourage sound water management concepts.

  • Goal 1: Develop mutually beneficial alliances with other WUAs
  • Goal 2: Participate in regionally significant water augmentation and resource policy development meetings.

Strategy #3:  Identify processes, procedures, and information that can be used by members.

  • Goal 1: Promote information sharing by enhancing the web site, to include providing a secure data information sharing site.