Our Milestones

NAMWUA Organization Historical Timeline

We formed because collaboration is integral to achieving our goals.

  2002     Initial meetings

  2005     Parties executed an IGA to fund activities

  2005     NAMWUA contracted with environmental hydrosystems to manage programs

  2007     NAMWUA contracted with Ron Doba MGMT Services to manage programs

  2008     NAMWUA formed as an Arizona non-profit corporation

  2009   NAMWUA received IRS approval as a 501 C4 tax excempt entity

Fair water distribution

Rural water providers often refer to the “haves and the have nots.” The “haves” being the three Counties with access to CAP or providers on the Colorado River. The “Have nots” being the rural water providers that do not have dependable renewable sources of water supply. Northern Arizona “have nots” started working together in 2002 to address their concerns.